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Having a cabin in the mountains is a dream for many people. Some want to spend the weekends at their mountain hide-away, some want a summer home, and some want a cabin as their year-round residence. Whichever dream is yours, you may find it at Lake Rockport Estates. Whether you plan to make Lake Rockport Estates your home or just your retreat, you should become aware of some of the important realities of “living in the mountains”. It is important for you to know that life in the mountains is different from life in the city and you need to be prepared because Lake Rockport Estates is a “Mountain Community”.

Lake Rockport Estates Homeowners Association and Summit County are not able to provide the same level of service that larger cities and towns provide. Before you purchase property or build a home in Lake Rockport Estates, you should consider the limitations living in the mountains will have on transportation, education, health care, communication, employment and public services. This bit of information is intended to help you decide if owning property at Lake Rockport Estates is for you.

Perspective buyers should contact Lake Rockport Estates Homeowners Association for further information in regards to the property, liens, and other Homeowners Association requirements.

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